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Haldenstein castle ruins

Burgen Haldenstein
Burg Lichtenstein - auch Katzenburg genannt

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Burg Haldenstein
Haldenstein has probably the highest density of castles out of all municipalities in Graubünden. There are no fewer than three castles within its borders.


Castle Lichtenstein, constructed in the 12th century on a ridge some distance north of the village, was inhabited until about 1400 and was probably abandoned during the 15th century. It was the seat of the Lords of Lichtenstein until the house went extinct in the late 13th century. In then came into possession of the Lords of Haldenstein.

Haldenstein castle lies on a rocky ridge just above the village of the same name. It was built at the beginning of the 12th century und was inhabited until 1695. It was partially destroyed by earthquakes in 1769 and 1787. Haldenstein was the seat of the House of Haldenstein and administrative centre of its dominion. There are records of a dispute between the diocese of Chur and baron Johann von Vaz due to unauthorised extension of the castle.

Grottenstein is a cave castle of indeterminate age, situated at the bottom of a rock wall on the foot of Calanda mountain.


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