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Heinz Holliger & Sebastian Bohren


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25.01.2025 from 19:30 to 21:20 o'clock
CHF 72.00 / 55.00 / 15.00
Theatre Chur

It probably takes the committed commitment of the Swiss conductor and composer Heinz Holliger to bring Willy Burkhard back to memory and his work back to the concert stage. The great choral works can hardly be heard today, and his instrumental music, such as his Violin Concerto, is also in poor shape. It shares this fate with Schumann's Fantasy for violin and orchestra. It is good that Heinz Holliger is performing these two works again. This is the only way to decide today whether a judgment that has already been made is to be corrected from the current point of view. Probably yes.

Schumann's Fourth, on the other hand, is still a fixture in the repertoire of the city's symphony orchestras today. What didn't look like it at the beginning, however, was that the premiere was a fiasco and Schumann withdrew the work for ten years. Then he took it out again, let the four movements merge directly into each other and gave the work a darker timbre. This is exactly what helped the fourth to achieve its worldwide success, which continues unabated to this day.

Violin: Sebastian Bohren
Head: Heinz Holliger
Orchestra: Musikkollegium Winterthur


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