Hut tour Surselva Vrin - Tamins (stage 3)

75.1 km
8:50 h
1891 mhd
2760 mhd
Hüttentour Surselva Vrin - Tamins (Etappe 3)
Hüttentour Surselva Vrin - Tamins (Etappe 3)

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Casa Leon Vrin
The third stage is the Pièce de Résistance of the Surselva hut tour. But the key data are more frightening than the stage actually is – especially since the route can also be significantly shortened at the end.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2410 m
Lowest Point  591 m
Best Season
46.655254, 9.098761



Initially, you roll from Vrin down to Surin and follow the signposted mountain bike route via Surcasti to Uors. Here it is worthwhile to take the post bus for the ascent to Vals. This saves "only" 320 meters in altitude, but still! Because on the third stage of the Surselva hut tour, it is important to save energy for the upcoming ascent up to the Tomül Pass. To do this, you follow the signposted mountain bike route (Alpine Bike), first on asphalt, then on gravel and after the ridge on an easily rideable single trail. On the last section after Alp Tomül, there is always a pushing section to do, unless you have strength in your calves like Nino Schurter - or an e-bike. But the pushing is not in vain, because the upcoming section through the Safiental is one of the longest mountain bike descents in the Alps with almost 40 kilometres. The first part leads along the historic mule route down to Safien Thalkirch. Now you change to the road with little traffic and later pass the village of Safien Platz. Leave the road at the Rainmatte, follow the Rabiusa stream, pass the reservoir and then climb a few metres on the right side of the valley to finally reach the old Safierstrasse. Today, only one single trail remains of the road, so for mountain bikers it is a fantastic section through enormously steep terrain. The route here is interspersed with small tunnels. Later, the path widens again and you roll out of the valley on a small road to Sigl Ault.

At Sigl Ault, the wheat is separated from the chaff on the final stage of the Surselva hut tour: If you don't have any strength left, you roll down to Bonaduz and get on the train here for the return journey to Chur. But the original route still has a few highlights to offer. The section after the Sigl Ault is an unparalleled trail treat and leads high above the Rhine Gorge to the Versamerstrasse. Here is the next opportunity to end the stage with the flat ride to Bonaduz. But here, too, there is still something to experience on the original route, because the upcoming single trail section past the ruins of Wackenau is no less attractive than the previous trail over the Rhine Gorge. This way you get to Reichenau and get on the train back to Chur. So much for the recommended version for the third stage of the Surselva hut tour.


If you still haven't had enough in Reichenau, follow the cycle path from Tamins in the direction of Chur and then change to the trail near the left bank of the Rhine before Felsberg. This trail leads to the Rossboden army site, from where you roll along the cycle routes to Chur train station.

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