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Event Chur

Long Night of Churches

"Ad fontes-On to the sources". Start at Martinsplatz, post bus ride to Passugg and back. Attendance at the Passugg Hotel Management School and the Passugg Church. Registration:


St. Martin's Church

Parishes throughout Switzerland celebrate this biennial event. Traditional and experimental elements should find space.

The two parishes of Chur and Steinbach have decided to make the title "Ad Fontes – Off to the Sources!" tangible. The three most important stations are the Martinsbrunnen in Chur, the hotel management school in Passugg and the Reformed Church in Passugg. Again and again, water and springs are looked at and presented in more detail.

It starts at 5.55 p.m. at the Martinsbrunnen in Chur with a short presentation of the history of the square. In Passugg, participants can expect an insight into the traditional former Kurhaus and information about today's hotel management school. There was also a lecture on healing water springs in Graubünden as well as catering and organ music and a presentation of the church in the Passugg church.

A post bus route has been set up from Chur, which will lead to Passugg and back.

Registration until 25 May: or telephone 081 252 22 92.




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