Viewpoint Rhäzüns

Rhäzünser Alp

Ausblick von der Rhäzünser Alp ins Churer Rheintal und auf den Calanda
Rhäzüns Alp Sura


The Sura Alp - also known as Rhäzünser Alp - stands at 1760 metres above sea level above Rhäzüns. There are 1250 meters of altitude to overcome from the village to the alp. The panoramic view of the Vorab, the Tschingelhörner, the Ringelspitz, the Calanda, and the Rhine valley near Chur, as well as the Safier and Domleschg mountains make this climb well worth the effort. The Rhäzünser Alp can be reached via hiking trails or on rewarding mountain bike tour, which is sign posted by the official number 262.


Rhäzünser Alp

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