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Place Chur


Rosenhügel Chur
Rosenhügel, Rose hill, park and view over the roofs of Chur


The Rosenhügel looks back on a long and grim history: the hill at the foot of the Pizokel was already in use back in the 14th century - not for recreation, but as an execution site. The gallows were dismantled in 1836. Soon afterwards, new life was breathed into the hill and it was made accessible to the public as a landscape park. In the place where people were once condemned, colourful flowers now bloom and on the site where the executions took place, a fountain now bubbles peacefully to itself. Situated just above the city, the park offers a wonderful panoramic view of Chur and the surrounding area.


Currently: Upgrading the park
In order to make the park more attractive, as part of the development along with Hirschbühl in 2018, the entire complex was being enlarged and improved.

Rosenhügel can be accessed from Malixerstrasse (between Obertor roundabout and restaurant Rosenhügel). One entrance directly opposite the restaurant Rosenhügel and one halfway between restaurant and roundabout.



Malixerstrasse, 7000 Chur

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