Revision 10.-28. June 2024: Indoor & wellness pool, gym, sauna, massage, infrared closed. Group fitness and day-care in the ice sports training stadium. 

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Salzkeller - Medical Floating Spa

SalzKeller Chur
Medical Floating Spa - an unforgettable wellness experience with profound and lasting medical effects.


Experience complete weightlessness at Salzkeller Chur, floating on a natural brine composed of water and salt similar to the Dead Sea. Free your mind of all sensory clutter and give up the full weight of your body. Free of gravity, free of orientation, free of sound, free of visual stimulus, free of temperature. A state of total relaxation where mind and body can find deep rest. This is Medical Wellness at its finest!

Individually or in couples, visitors have access to a private floating pool, wet room and dressing room. We provide you with towels and toiletries and we offer you an all-round, feel-good service including drinks to round off your floating experience on the roof terrace or in the lounge area.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Sundayfrom 08.00 (first float) to 20.15 (last float)

  • Reduced opening hours are possible

  • Possible dates are always shown online

  • For direct collection of vouchers etc. please call in advance


Salzkeller - Medical Floating Spa

Triststrasse 8, 7000 Chur

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