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Catholic Church Chur

St. Stephan's Church

Kirche St. Stephan
The remains of St. Stephen's Church are one of the most important architectural monuments of early Christianity north of the Alps.


Below the Halde cantonal school's playground stands the most important monument of early Christianity in Graubünden: the remains of St. Stephen's church, which was built in the 5th century and served as a burial church for the bishops of Chur. It was rediscovered in 1850 during construction of the first cantonal school. It was fully excavated in 1955-56 and completely encapsulated during the reconstruction of the school in the 1970s and integrated into the building underground. In the course of the total renovation completed in 2010, the space was converted into a museum worthy of the church's importance and opened to the public.

You can also explore the remains of the St. Stephen's Church on your own. The key for admission is available from the secretariat of the Graubünden Cantonal School. For reservations call +41 81 257 51 51 or mail  to . Please note the opening hours of the cantonal school.

Or you can book a guided tour of St. Stephan. Additional information.


St. Stephan's Church

Arosastrasse, 7000 Chur

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