Sport- und Eventanlagen Chur, Schweiz

Technology tour

The Chur sports facilities at the Obere Au site have received a new refrigeration system that will supply the Thomas Domenig Stadium, the outdoor ice rink and later the training ice rink. The new, much more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient system replaces the 46-year-old predecessor. During the guided tour you will get an insight into the ice and bath technology of the sports facilities.

Insight into ice and pool technology

Employees of the Chur Sports and Event Facilities will take you on a guided tour of the technical equipment in the ice and pool areas of the Obere Au sports facilities. You will get an insight into the refrigeration system for the ice rinks and the technical equipment of the pools.

  • Bookable all year round
  • From 7 people
  • Duration 20-30 minutes
  • prices on request

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