Historical Site Chur

Town Hall City of Chur

Late medieval building complex between Reichsgasse and Poststrasse


Something is a bit crooked about Chur’s politics – at least, that’s what you might think if you took a closer look at the Town Hall. Due to its uneven ground plan and the sloping ridge of the roof, the building appears to be rather out of joint. That has nothing to do with the politics, but rather to the building’s history. After the city fire in 1464 it was reconstructed, and was subsequently renovated and extended on a number of occasions. Until 1554 it also housed the Spital zum Hl. Geist hospital. The interior of the Rathaus, with its cultural assets from various epochs, bears witness to its varied history.


Town Hall City of Chur

Postrasse 33, 7000 Chur

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