20 Miles Chur - Lenzerheide

31.4 km
6:00 h
1324 mhd
440 mhd
20 Miles Chur - Lenzerheide

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From 2003 - 2014 the Graubünden Marathon took place annually. This was considered one of the toughest mountain marathons in Europe and also had a 20 miles route.
Technique 4/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  1758 m
Lowest Point  587 m
Best Season
46.853814, 9.535538



The start is in Chur on the Quaderwiese, from there it leads through the old town on the road Chur-Arosa to sand. Over a gravel road it continues to Passugg. In Passugg the route leads around the building of the beverage manufacturer Passugger and leaves the road again on a dirt road. From Passugg the route follows the Polenweg to Churwalden. In Churwalden the route first goes through the village and then towards Büel, Foppa. From Foppa it goes down via Mittelberg to Parpan. From there the route leads over the Parpanerhöhe to Valbella. From Canols it continues once around the Heidsee to Lenzerheide.


To finish off, a jump into the Heidsee offers the perfect cooling off and an optimal start to the recovery phase.


The course is considered good training and can be tackled independently with appropriate preparation.


Sturdy and well broken-in shoes, clothes adapted to the weather, sufficient refreshments.


The start is in Chur on the Quader meadow. From there you take the route through the old town and then turn to the road Chur-Arosa. At the junction “Arosa” continue straight towards Sand. At Sand, the route leaves the asphalt road on a gravel road towards Passugg. In Passugg, the route leads around the building of the drink manufacturer Passugger and leaves the road again on a dirt road. After a climb, you turn onto a wide gravel road. Follow the “Polish” path to Churwalden. You run through the village Churwalden (1’240m asl) past the post office, Coop and after the hotel Hemmi you turn left. Afterwards a longer section starts up to Büel, Foppa. In Foppa (1’753 m asl) turn into the asphalt road direction Parpan. After about 1 km down the road, turn left onto a narrow path towards Mittelberg. At Mittelberg, turn left onto the asphalt road that leads to Parpan. At the first junction in Parpan (1’493m asl), turn right into the main road just before the main road, turn left and then go up the parallel to the Hotel Alpina. After the post office, turn left. After about 15m turn right and after another 10m turn right again. You then turn directly into a narrow path that leads over roots to the Valbellnerhöhe. There you walk past a very small lake and then you run parallel to the road until you reach Canols. On your right, you can see the big lake Heidsee. Cross the main street and walk past the Canols kiosk. After a round around the right side of lake Heidsee you cross the main road at the Rothorn valley station. After the underpass turn right and then walk up the sidewalk and after about 100m cross the side of road and run straight into the forest. After about 1.5 km on a gravel road in the forest you cross a side road and cross the main road at the underpass. Then you turn into the finishing line at the school Lenzerheide.


Public Transport

With the train or bus to Chur.

Anreise Information

Take A13 to Chur.


Parking available by Quader.

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