Planned for 2022.

«Calanda» event sauna

Since the beginning of December 2021, profiles in the sauna courtyard have marked the "Calanda" event sauna, which is planned for 2022, subject to the city council's decision.

Planned, but not yet definitely approved

Provided that the new "Calanda" event sauna is also approved by the City Council, the new wellness facility will be built as early as 2022.

The plan is to completely redesign the current sauna courtyard: on the level of the existing indoor saunas, the event sauna and an outdoor relaxation area will be built. The roof of the event sauna will be used as another green sunbathing area for wellness guests.

The existing sauna area leads directly into the 40m2 "Calanda" mixed event sauna, which impresses with its round shape, natural materials and soft lighting. A window in the rear area offers a view of the local mountain Calanda. It is planned that regular infusion ceremonies and the like will also take place in the event sauna.

In the two-storey "outdoor area", which is decorated in natural colours, comfortable loungers, pleasant wooden floorboards and fresh greenery ensure relaxation and recreation. The lower level is protected by natural stone walls and cannot be seen from the outside. A water feature and a fireplace create a calming ambience. The upper area for wellness guests impresses with a wide view of the outdoor pool and the Calanda.