Enduro-Tour Spundis-Juchs

11.7 km
1:20 h
227 mhd
1228 mhd
Abfahrt zur Alp Juchs
Alp Spundis, Ziel des des Aufstiegs

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Beginn der Abfahrt nach Juchs
Short ascent, long descent - and what a great one! Something of the best when it comes to demanding single trail tours in the region.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  1818 m
Lowest Point  592 m
Best Season

Start Brambrüesch, top station of gondola
Destination Chur, valley station of gondola
Coordinates 46.829141, 9.516117


After the cableway ascent from Chur to Brambrüesch, a short and pleasant ascent over the Malixeralp to Lake Spundis follows. There you take the exit via Juchs to Chur. And it's got it in it! At the beginning a flowing trail leads across the meadows, which inspires jumps of joy. Later it becomes steeper and more demanding until you have crossed the ravine and descend over a meadow to Alp Juchs. After following the alp road for a short while, a hiking trail soon branches off to the left again. Now begins a technical, partially exposed single trail, traversed by demanding (but with some practice rideable - please avoid abbreviations) hairpin bends. The trail crosses the road several times until one follows the alp road a bit further down. And then after a bend another trail branches off to the right. Here begins a flow firework, the trail leads relatively flat in several sections up to the Rosenhügel above Chur. On this last section, especially before the curves, drive with foresight and caution, as hikers or bikers might also come across. From Rosenhügel one follows the road and behind the Welschdörfli through back to the valley station of the Chur cableways.

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