Pure relaxation.

Fragrant scents at the sauna

Soothing fragrances fill the saunas, because from now on different essential oils will be released in the saunas several times a day. What a treat!

Fragrant Aufgüsse

Relaxing, soothing or invigorating scents fill the Finnish saunas. Several times a day, the sauna master places an ice ball infused with pure essential oils on the sauna heater. The ice breaks and the soothing fragrance unfolds.


  • Daily
  • Weekdays from 12 noon every 2 hours
  • Weekends from 11 am every 2 hours
  • Wednesday is Aufguss-day: every 2 hours, 3 harmonising oils are vaporised and distributed in the sauna by means of an Aufguss-ceremony.


  • In the Finnish saunas (mixed, ladies and gents)
  • Wednesday's Aufguss-day takes place in the mixed Finnish sauna.


Descriptions and effects of the fragrances (will follow shortly)


Included in regular sauna admission -  ticket shop


The next sauna event will be held from 20.02.-05.03.2023.


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