Grottenstein - mystical castle ruins

2.9 km
1:15 h
268 mhd
268 mhd
Andreas Sommer (AnimaHelvetia) in der Burgruine Grottenstein
Circular walk to the hidden castle ruins above the village of Haldenstein. 
Technique 2/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  835 m
Lowest Point  567 m
Best Season

Start Bushaltestelle Haldenstein Dorf
Destination Bushaltestelle Haldenstein Dorf
Coordinates 46.878763, 9.526762


As part of the 2nd Legends and Fairytale Days Chur, a guided hike to the ruins of the castle Grottenstein will take place on November 25, 2018 at 10 a.m. with exciting stories from the local legend world, about treasure-keeping cave fairies, enchanted toads and the golden bowling game... presented by the legendary hiker, nature guide and storyteller Andreas Sommer. The stories are mysteriously intertwined with the immediate experience of nature in the wintry mountain forest and in the enigmatic cave castle, where the campfire makes shrugging shadows dance on the rock walls.

The ruins of Grottenstein Castle are located above Haldenstein. Little is known about its history, but a spring in the castle cave indicates a possible use as an escape castle in times of need. Contrary to expectations, the name Grottenstein does not derive from the word grotto in the sense of cave. Rather, the cave castle originally had Chrottenstein, where Chrott is called "Kröte". The connection to the toad now allows for completely different associations. The imprint as a toad place as well as local legends of a white virgin who guards sunken treasures and guards unborn souls inside the mountain, build mysterious bridges to mythology. In numerous legends, the toad and the white virgin appear as contrasting manifestations of the same being, which often guards a hidden treasure of gold in caves and castle ruins. The promising gold treasure is analogous to the basic maxim of alchemy, but is to be understood above all as a symbol of an inner spiritual treasure, an essential developmental step or a realization. 


Die Wanderung führt entlang der Alpstrasse nach oben und zum Schluss auf einem Bergwanderweg bis zur Burgruine. Der Abstieg erfolgt zuerst auf demselben Weg wie der Aufstieg, vor der Ruine Haldenstein zweigt man jedoch rechts ab und folgt dem Wanderweg zurück bis ins Dorf. 

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