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Hans im Glück

Fidibus presents: Hans in Luck A lively musical adventure for the whole family "There is no one under the sun as happy as I am.


09.02.2025 at 14:00 o'clock
unnumbered seat: 30.55 CHF
Kirchgemeindehaus Titthof

Fidibus presents:
Hans in Luck
A lively musical adventure for the whole family

"There is no one under the sun as happy as I am. I am Hans, with Fidibus I always have my good conscience and my faithful companion at my side. I have a mother who is eagerly awaiting me, and I am so free that I seize every opportunity."

The time has finally come! After seven years of hard work in Müller Müller's flour factory, Hans makes his way home to his mother. With the reward in their pockets – a lump of gold the size of a hundred scoops of chocolate ice cream, Hans and Fidibus truly experience a strange (home) journey. Sometimes on horseback, sometimes with a cow or a pig and sometimes with a goose in tow, the two meet strange characters again and again: for example, the hawker's tray salesman Fredy, who sells junk in a handstand. Or the two funny clowns from the circus "Bluff", who are looking for good humour. Even real robbers cross their paths. Robbers, but who are really afraid in the dark.

Although Hans seems to lose everything little by little on his way home, he gains one thing above all: good friends. A deliciously cheerful story by Tom Baumann and Mario Moe Schelbert. Staged by Fabio Romano, based on the Brothers Grimm's tale about the joys of life, the desire for freedom and with the timeless message for young and old: If you are happy, you have everything!

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History: Brothers Grimm
Book: Tom Baumann and Mario Moe Schelbert
Direction: Fabio Romano

Language: Dialect
Duration: approx. 90 minutes (with intermission)
Age: recommended for children from approx. 4 years
Production and organizer: bybalzer

Hans im Glück


Kirchgemeindehaus Titthof

Tittwiesenstrasse 8, 7000 Chur

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