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Regional delicacies, from mustard to salsiz, handmade with love from our own production and regional cooperation.


The farm shop of Hof Flidais offers a variety of products that make the hearts of lovers of regional delicacies beat faster. The assortment includes everything from mustard, syrup and fresh eggs to Angus fresh meat, homemade sausages, antipasti, capuns and much more. These products are made with the utmost care and dedication from the gifts of nature and the garden, with special emphasis on the appreciation of living beings and the environment.

Each piece is handcrafted with love and patience, with the raw materials either coming directly from Hof Flidais' own farm and garden or carefully collected in the forest and meadows. For those raw materials and products that are not grown or produced in-house, Hof Flidais relies on cooperation with other regional farms and producers. This approach reflects Hof Flidais' commitment to the cycle of sustainability and the preservation of diversity.


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