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Olivia El Sayed

With "flowery wordis" Olivia El Sayed presents her first, but certainly not last program live in the Werkstatt Chur.


19.04.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
CHF 20.00 / CHF 10.00*
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Everything beautiful remains, even love. How reassuring this knowledge would be.

Imperishable, just like the water in the world: always there, but in such different forms that sometimes one completely forgets that it is always simply water. Love is the water of life, someone wise once said. That which quenches our thirst. That which sometimes unexpectedly spills over us. The clouds from above a puffy castle in the air, but from below often just in the way of the sun. And the icy base that forces us to kneel. Just like love.

This theory and the witty, abstruse and sometimes deadly sad stories about it are unexpectedly flowery in places and will sometimes even hurt a little. As compensation, there are all the more insights and feelings; on the spot and to take away. Promised.

"flowery wordis" is like life itself: an entertaining, bittersweet delight. Funny, unpredictable and nothing you want to miss.

Olivia El Sayed tried out, apart from the beach in Malibu, almost every place of work promoted as cool by the TV series of the nineties: Radio editor, agency, music label. As a sideline, she studied languages for a bachelor's degree with a focus on literature and philosophy. Today she writes as an independent freelancer, among others under the pseudonym Livia Seiler for the blog Any Working Mom. "flowery wordis" is her first, but certainly not last program.

By and with Olivia El Sayed.
Directed by Reeto von Gunten. A production of Atelieer.

Photo: Mirjam Kluka

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