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Rheinmühle pond

Ententeich beim Mühlebach (Rheinmühleweiher)
Ententeich beim Mühlebach (Rheinmühleweiher)

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Mühleturm mit dem grössten Wandgemälde der Schweiz
Rhine mill and duck pond at Untertorer Mühlbach


The pond was created in the middle of the 20th century by the damming of the Untertorer Mühlbach, so that today a turbine plant of 40 kWh can be driven. At the end of the 1820s, the town of Chur built a sawmill here. A mill was built on the site in 1871. While in 1899 two water wheels used the natural gradient of the Mühlbach, in 1959 two Francis turbines with an output of 35 and 65 HP respectively powered the mill. Grüninger Mühlen AG bought the Rheinmühle, including the pond, water channel and turbine, in 1986. In 2018, the Chur artist Fabian "Bane" Florin and his team created the largest mural painting in Switzerland at the Mühleturm.

A hiking trail leads past the pond and along the Mühlebach stream, connecting the town with the Untere Au and the Rhine river.


Rheinmühle pond

Rheinmühleweg 61, 7000 Chur

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